Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is what we love doing at Crafty Apps. We build native mobile apps for both Android & iOS platforms. Our apps are fast, smooth, interactive, secure and provide the best possible user experience.


We help you clearly define your goals by taking into consideration your business, user, and engagement objectives. With regard to current UI concepts, our team can conceptualize beautiful interfaces for your Apps. However, we will always take into consideration your sketch designs and workflow to deliver you what you have envisioned.

We will get a prototype ready for you and test your concept. This may allow new ideas and also help decide which direction to take when it comes to development.

Moreover, we can help with the branding of your app. Our services vary from; logo designs, store description & screenshots, and release notes. You can rest assured you are in good hands.

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We are always delighted to build native iOS apps using Apple’s latest Swift language and its IDE Xcode.

Xcode is amazingly intuitive at connecting app design elements to code which helps our developers build apps effortlessly.

With these great feature-filled tools offered by Apple, we are always excited to create new apps and experiences for our clients and users.

We cannot wait to bring your new iOS app to life.


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We love to build native Android apps using material design principles that help deliver great user experiences.

The material design guidelines in Android has brought our passion for delivering great app experiences to life.

Finally, the wide range of development tools such as Android Studio IDE, Java, and Kotlin make developing for Android that much more enjoyable.

We cannot wait to craft something amazing with you.


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If you prefer a single app (codebase) for both iOS & Android platforms, without compromising the app experience.

We offer to build the app using Flutter which is Google’s UI toolkit. Flutter not only speeds up development, but the beauty of it is that it compiles to native machine code, delivering great performance.


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What you need to know

Being the most common type of app, Native Apps are the best option to get uncompromised user experience. Being built for specific platform, Native Apps are written in languages that the platform accepts. Crafty Apps developers are well versed with Swift for native iOS and Java & Kotlin for native Android apps.

What makes Native Apps better than Hybrid Apps

Best Performance

Highest Security

Best User Experience

App Store Support

Full Platform Features

Interactive & Smooth

Need help with your existing apps?

Think your app needs more features? Our specialized team can help you transform your app to be more dynamic and efficient for both you and your end users.