Need a website that will help grow your business? Our team has experience in building websites for the modern user. Taking the mobile-first approach, we design responsive websites that can be easily viewed on multiple devices.

At Crafty Apps, we develop for the web in various frameworks and platforms depending on the requirements and nature of our projects.


Build your new website on WordPress and take advantage of its powerful features.

With WordPress, we can create highly customisable designs, websites that are SEO friendly, responsive, secure, and have easily manageable content.

Firebase Cloud

Need a secure and scalable web app for your new idea, or thinking to build an app backend? Look no further than Google’s powerful Firebase Cloud platform.

Firebase allows for easier integration of different products such as Authentication, Storage, Firestore, Functions, Hosting, and much more to build a scalable app that works great!

Node.js Websites & Apps

If you are a start-up company and looking for a single page website that is lightweight and fast, then Vue.js is the right choice for you.

Or if you want to build a REST API for any app idea that you might have, then NodeJS frameworks such as ExpressJS allow fast, lightweight, and scalable REST APIs.